Satisfied out of town buyer!

I would like to express my satisfaction with the way in which Colleen and Tiffany handled my pursuit in purchasing a home.  As a first-time prospective buyer I had no idea where to begin.  Not to mention I was moving across the country – from California to Ohio – and wasn’t able to spend more than a week in the area.

They did everything for me.  They connected me with a lender who was able to explain everything to a first time buyer.  They walked me through every step of the process and explained all of the many documents in a way that made sense.

They went above and beyond what I asked of them.  Being in California, I asked them if they could visit a house for me and take a picture of two things I hadn’t thought to check the first time I walked through the house.  They not only went to the house but proceeded to send me videos of the entire house with commentary, so I was able to “walk through it” with them without even being in the same state.

Colleen and Tiffany are not realtors looking for a quick sale.  They truly enter into the home-buying experience with you – they search for your house with you, help guide you in your counter offers, and every step of the way they get excited with you and for you.

They have knowledge of the area, and they take care of and represent their buyers like one would take care of their own family.  With them as your realtors you can rest assured that you will get your perfect house at a price you are happy with, and you will enjoy every step of the process.  I would recommend them to anyone.

— Carly Geiman